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"I couldn't provide a better endorsement. This program isn't about violence, its about values, family, friends and learning how to stand up in a big scary world and say that you won't be bullied or be a witness to bullying. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to get their kids into a sports program, it is so much more than martial arts.""

Jorge / Parent & Student

"What a great place this is. The instructors are so patient. My little guy is learning how to follow instructions, be respectful, and the beginnings of self defense along with some self confidence in the Little Dragons class. They really seem to get the lost mentality that "it takes a village to raise a kid"."

Lindsay / Parent


About Us

We teach self-defense and martial arts to adults, teens, and children from Frederick, Middletown, Jefferson, Brunswick, Thurmont, Walkersville, and other parts of Frederick County, MD.


We will help you or child to learn to defend yourself, get fit, gain confidence, and have a blast. You’ll also join an amazingly supportive community of other students and families. Get started exploring our programs today!

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